All About Emergency Medicine in New York City

Medrite Urgent Care is an urgent care facility in New York City that provides a 21st century solution to routine medical care. In this series of articles, the urgent care pioneer tells us what separates an urgent care center like Med-Rite Urgent Care from a traditional hospital emergency room or doctor’s office.

Medical Solutions For Busy Professionals

Doctor’s offices are usually only open during business hours, seriously limiting the treatments available to people who cannot get away from their desks at work. Urgent care centers, however, are open during the early morning, late night, and weekend hours to make it easier for people to seek medical help.

Receiving Medical Attention While Vacationing in New York

People who are visiting New York typically are not sure where to go if a medical situation comes up. Rather than wait for hours at a local emergency room, a visit to an urgent care center is typically the preferred option.

What Can an Urgent Care Center Offer That a Doctor’s Office Can’t?

An urgent care center can offer patients a number of things that a traditional doctor’s office cannot, including immediate appointments, on-site laboratories, and x-ray rooms. Patients with medical emergencies should look for an urgent care center in their neighborhood.

What Types of Services Do Urgent Care Centers Offer?

Urgent care medical facilities offer virtually every type of medical service a patient might need. Patients can get everything from basic vaccines and physical examinations to very specific tests and ongoing medical treatment plans.

When an Urgent Care Facility in NYC is the Best Choice

Visiting an urgent care facility rather than a hospital or a traditional doctor’s office is the right choice any time a person is having symptoms that need to be addressed immediately. Urgent care centers get patients in more quickly than virtually anywhere else.

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