Visit MedRite Urgent Care for Same-Day Back Pain Treatment in New York City

Back Pain Treatment New York City MedRite Urgent Care offers back pain treatment to help residents and visitors of New York City who are dealing with this painful condition find relief. Back pain can limit your mobility and make it nearly impossible to go about your daily life. When back pain strikes and there’s no time to wait for an appointment with your doctor, turn to MedRite Urgent Care. Our board-certified physicians are available to see patients seven days a week, with no appointment or referral necessary.

How Can MedRite Help Treat My Back Pain?

When you visit us for back pain treatment, a board-certified physician will see you quickly to address your pain. We’ll start by asking about your medical history and the specifics of your pain, including when it began, how often it occurs, and how intense the pain is. Then, you’ll likely undergo a physical exam to test your range of motion and to see if certain movements exacerbate your pain. Many cases of back pain are a result of overuse or improper use of the muscles in your neck and back, and can be treated conservatively with:

  • Assistive devices such as a brace
  • Over-the-counter or prescription pain medication
  • Hot and cold therapy
  • Physical therapy, which we offer onsite
  • Chiropractic care
  • Light exercise and stretching

While back pain is not usually considered an emergency condition, it can sometimes indicate a more serious problem. If, in addition to back pain, you are experiencing a loss of bladder or bowl control, severe stomach pain, a fever, or muscle weakness that gradually worsens, you should seek emergency medical attention by dialing 911.

At MedRite Urgent Care, it is our number one goal to help you save time and feel better. If you require back pain treatment, visit us in New York City any day of the week. All major forms of insurance are accepted, as is self-payment.

"I had to come here when I got injured at work and the receptionist and nurses were so caring it was amazing. I love the staff's bedside manners."
Kristy Lisa C., California

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