Broken Bone Treatment for Patients in Hell’s Kitchen and Surrounding NYC Neighborhoods

Broken Bone Treatment Hells KitchenReceiving broken bone treatment in Hell’s Kitchen does not need to be a painful experience filled with long wait times and expensive ER fees. MedRite Urgent Care specializes in delivering prompt and reasonably priced medical treatment for an array of non-emergency illnesses and injuries, including broken bones. MedRite’s extended hours and weekend availability make it convenient for patients to receive the care they desperately need, even during the most inopportune times. Also, by housing an onsite x-ray department, MedRite’s board-certified physicians and licensed technicians are able to deliver quick and accurate diagnoses, so broken bone treatment can begin right then and there.

It is important to note that broken bones, or fractures, require prompt medical attention, and if the injury is severe, you should immediately call 9-1-1 for emergency help. Additionally, if you suspect a bone fracture located in the head, neck, spine, or pelvis, wait for emergency medical help and do not attempt to move, nor should you try to move an individual with these injuries. Although the indications of a broken bone may seem fairly obvious, the symptoms include harsh pain, a crooked or misshapen appearance, sudden local bruising and swelling, and restricted use of the damaged area, as well as shortness of breath and nausea.

Before locating and receiving proper medical attention in Hell’s Kitchen, there are a number of preemptive first aid actions you can take for early broken bone treatment. These include:

  • Stopping the bleeding, if any, and gently bandaging the wound
  • Immobilizing the injury with a splint or sling
  • Icing the injured area to reduce the pain and limit the swelling
  • Treating the individual for shock, if necessary, by laying them flat, elevating their feet, supporting their head, and providing reassurance until medical help arrives

Depending upon the injury’s severity, MedRite will either directly treat the fracture or refer you to the closest hospital for more specialized care, as surgery is sometimes required for proper mending. Furthermore, after the broken bone heals, MedRite provides convenient onsite physical therapy to assist patients with regaining their muscle strength and joint flexibility.

"I haven't been treated like this ever by my own personal doctor. I really recommend this place and there amazing staff. Thank you again sooo much for all your amazing help."
Irma G., Florida

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