Can Urgent Care Treat Broken Bones?

Broken Bones New York CityIt is important to receive treatment for broken bones right away. The body will try to heal a broken bone immediately, so it is crucial that the bone is set properly so that it heals correctly. Not to mention, a broken bone typically causes a great deal of pain, which will only subside after treatment.

Because it is so important for broken bones to be treated promptly, many people think the emergency room is the best option for receiving treatment. However, an emergency room visit can often result in a long wait time and a high bill. That’s why for minor fractures and dislocations, a better option is to visit an urgent care to receive broken bone treatment. At an urgent care center, no appointment is needed and wait times are typically much shorter than the emergency room. Plus, the insurance copay for an urgent care visit is usually much lower than an emergency room visit.

Urgent Cares with X-Ray Capabilities

When choosing an urgent care to treat broken bones, patients should look for one that has an X-ray lab onsite. This way, the patient won’t have to make multiple trips (which isn’t easy to do with a broken bone!) to receive a proper diagnosis. Additionally, patients should make sure the clinic will let them take a file with the images, such as a CD, so that they can give them to a specialist should follow-up treatment be required.

MedRite Urgent Care Provides Treatment for Broken Bones in Manhattan

If you or a loved one is suffering from a suspected broken bone, come to one of MedRite Urgent Care’s multiple locations throughout Manhattan. We are open extended hours, have weekend availability, and no appointment is needed. Plus, with our state-of-the-art on-site X-ray lab, you can receive a thorough and prompt diagnosis. We accept all major health insurance plans, and also offer affordable self-pay options.

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Irma G., Florida

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