Prompt & Effective Bronchitis Treatment Available in Manhattan

Bronchitis Treatment Manhattan NY

Have you been coughing a lot lately and feeling achy all over? You could have a respiratory illness that is irritating your lung’s airways. Known as a chest cold or bronchitis, this common cold and flu complication can usually be treated at home with rest, hydration, and an over-the-counter pain reliever. As your body’s immune system fights off the infection, your symptoms should improve within a few days.

With that said, if your cough is accompanied by fever or shortness of breath, produces blood-tinged mucus, or lasts longer than two weeks, you should seek medical attention. This is important because untreated bronchitis can worsen and lead to a more serious illness such as pneumonia. In Manhattan, you can receive prompt and effective bronchitis treatment without an appointment at MedRite Urgent Care.

We’ll Get to the Bottom of Your Cough

When you come to MedRite, you’ll be immediately seen by an experienced and friendly provider who will ask about your symptoms and perform a physical exam. As part of the diagnostic process, your provider may also:

  • Test a sample of your mucus in our on-site lab to determine if you have a bacterial infection, which may require antibiotic treatment
  • Order a chest X-ray to evaluate your lungs and airways
  • Suggest a pulmonary function test to measure the amount of air moving into and out of your lungs

If you are diagnosed with bronchitis, your provider will suggest an appropriate treatment plan, which may include medications to suppress your cough, ease your muscle aches, and/or reduce your fever. If needed, your provider may also prescribe a corticosteroid inhaler with a long-acting bronchodilator to help open up your airways. As you recover from bronchitis, you should avoid tobacco smoke and other airborne lung irritants, which can worsen your symptoms and prolong your illness.

Whether you need treatment for bronchitis or another non-life-threatening health condition, you can feel confident entrusting your care to the team at MedRite. We can pinpoint whatever is ailing you and help you feel better fast.

To learn more, contact or visit MedRite Urgent Care for immediate care in Manhattan today.

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