COVID-19 Antibody Testing in Manhattan’s Midtown West

COVID-19 Antibody Testing Midtown West NY

At MedRite Urgent Care, we are continually expanding our services to better meet the needs of individuals and families in Manhattan’s Midtown West. In addition to nasal swab testing for the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), we now offer COVID-19 antibody testing. This relatively simple blood test is not used for diagnostic purposes; however, it can determine whether your body’s immune system has developed antibodies to fight off a COVID-19 infection.

What Does the COVID-19 Antibody Test Result Mean?

A positive test result means that you have COVID-19 antibodies, and therefore that you were infected with the novel coronavirus at some point in the past. A negative test result means that you do not have the antibodies, and therefore you have not yet contracted the novel coronavirus. This is important because a COVID-19 infection is often very mild, and its lack of noticeable symptoms is the key to the virus’ success. Why? Many people do not even realize that they are infected, so they continue to go about their daily lives and, in the process, infect others.

Valuable—But Inconclusive—Information

COVID-19 antibody testing provides valuable information about who is most vulnerable to the novel coronavirus. What remains unclear, however, is whether COVID-19 antibodies work well enough, or last long enough, to provide complete protection against reinfection. In other words, even if you have acquired some level of immunity to the novel coronavirus, it is still unknown whether the protective effect will last for weeks, months, or even into next coronavirus season.

The bottom line is that a positive COVID-19 antibody test result does not mean that you are definitely immune, that you cannot be reinfected, or that you cannot spread the infection to others. Regardless of your test result, you should still follow the precautionary guidelines communicated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Currently, this includes staying home as much as possible, washing your hands often, not going out when you’re sick, and wearing a face mask in public.

Scientists Are Learning More Every Day

There is still much to be learned about COVID-19, and medical researchers are working around the clock in an effort to halt the pandemic. In the meantime, MedRite Urgent Care is doing everything possible to keep our patients healthy and safe.

If you are interested in COVID-19 antibody testing, contact or visit MedRite Urgent Care in Manhattan’s Midtown West today.

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