COVID-19 Antibody Testing in Spring Valley, NY

COVID-19 Antibody Testing Spring Valley NY

At MedRite Urgent Care, we know that many of our patients in Spring Valley, New York, are concerned about the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). As more and more people are recovering from a COVID-19 infection and seeking to resume their regular activities, interest is growing in COVID-19 antibody testing, which we are pleased to offer at our clinic in Rockland County.

What’s the Difference Between Diagnostic Testing & Antibody Testing?

The purpose of COVID-19 diagnostic testing is to determine whether an active virus is present. To do so, a lab technician utilizes a testing process that can detect genetic material from the novel coronavirus in a sample swabbed from the back of the patient’s nasal cavity.

In contrast, the purpose of COVID-19 antibody testing is to detect a prior infection. Antibody testing involves the use of a blood sample, which is evaluated in a lab for COVID-19 antibodies. If present, these antibodies indicate that the body’s immune system previously responded to the novel coronavirus.

What Is the Significance of a Positive COVID-19 Antibody Test?

At this point, scientists do not yet know what a positive COVID-19 antibody test result means in terms of immunity. It could mean that the patient has full immunity, partial immunity, or no immunity at all. Additionally, some antibodies lose potency over time, so the patient might be immune for several months or years but then lose that immunity later on. Until more is known, it is vital for everyone—including those who test positive for COVID-19 antibodies—to take steps to avoid infecting others, such as practicing social distancing and washing their hands thoroughly and often.

Why Get a COVID-19 Antibody Test?

Many people who are infected with the novel coronavirus experience only mild symptoms, or none at all. Therefore, it is possible to contract COVID-19 and not even know it. COVID-19 antibody testing is a relatively simple blood test that can determine whether you’ve ever been infected. Experts hope the test will provide health officials with a better idea of how widespread the novel coronavirus really is.

If you are interested in COVID-19 antibody testing, contact or visit MedRite Urgent Care in Spring Valley, NY, today.

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