Unsure If You Have a Dislocated Shoulder or Broken Arm? Come to MedRite Urgent Care in New York City

Dislocated Shoulder New York CityA dislocated shoulder is a painful condition that occurs when the upper arm bone is forced out of its socket in the shoulder joint. Sometimes, it can be difficult to distinguish a dislocated shoulder from a broken arm. If you have intense pain or a noticeable deformity in your shoulder and you feel reasonably certain that it is dislocated, you are encouraged to control any bleeding, apply ice, and go directly to the nearest emergency room.

Otherwise, if you have symptoms such as moderate pain, swelling, bruising, numbness, or weakness in your shoulder, you are welcome to come to MedRite Urgent Care in New York City, where you can receive a prompt diagnosis and treatment without an appointment. Our board-certified physicians and other licensed medical professionals will evaluate your injury, address your discomfort, and help you avoid complications, such as chronic shoulder instability and repeat dislocations.

How is a dislocated shoulder diagnosed?

At MedRite Urgent Care, we’ll begin the diagnostic process by discussing your medical history, symptoms, and the circumstances of your injury. We’ll then perform a thorough physical examination, which will include checking your injured shoulder for signs of tenderness, swelling, restricted range of motion, and deformity. An X-ray of your shoulder, which can be performed on site, may reveal a dislocation, broken bone, or another form of joint damage. After reaching a diagnosis, we can recommend an appropriate treatment plan for your injury.

How is a dislocated shoulder treated?

A relatively simple shoulder dislocation may improve considerably after a few weeks of rest. To promote faster healing, we may suggest:

  • A splint or sling to support and immobilize the dislocated shoulder and arm
  • Ice applications to reduce swelling and numb pain
  • A pain reliever or muscle relaxant to enhance comfort during the recovery process
  • A progressive rehabilitation program to help restore stability, strength, and range of motion to the shoulder joint

To address a more complex shoulder injury, we may discuss a closed reduction procedure, which involves gently manipulating the upper arm bone back into its proper position. Surgical treatment may be considered to address a dislocated shoulder that involves nerve or blood vessel damage, or a weakened shoulder joint that is prone to dislocation.

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