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MedRite Urgent Care

If you or someone you know is currently feeling under the weather or suffering from an injury, the MedRite Urgent Care Center in Flatiron is here to help. Our staff does everything in its power to make patients their top priority, which is why we provide top-rate customer service, efficient medical care, and lightning-fast wait times. When you come to our Flatiron location, you will never have to wait for more than a few minutes to meet with one of our medical professionals.

For added convenience, our urgent care center is stocked with an on-site laboratory and X-ray machine so that your blood work, urine sample, and bone scans can be processed and returned to you faster than ever. Gone are the days of having to see a follow-up physician to find out if your bones are broken, or waiting too long to get your results back. When you come in to the Flatiron MedRite clinic, we will get to the heart of the problem as soon as possible, so you can be on the road to healing right away.

If you are wondering whether your current injury or illness qualifies for immediate medical attention, we can assure you that our highly trained physicians are ready to treat a wide and diverse array of conditions including: broken bones, strep throat, ear infections, wart removal, sprains, urinary tract infections, pink eye, bronchitis, migraines, upper respiratory infections, stomach flu, boils, diarrhea, ear ache and more.

Whether you or someone you know is feeling less than their best, there’s no day like the present to seek immediate medical attention. At the Flatiron MedRite Urgent Care Center, we don’t believe that anyone should have to wait days to see a physician or spend countless dollars for a visit to the emergency room. When you visit our clinic, you will receive efficient, attentive, high quality care each and every time. For more information, simply fill out this online registration form and one of our staff members will reach out to you soon.

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