A Flu Shot Clinic You Can Trust in Manhattan and Surrounding New York City Neighborhoods

Flu Shot Clinic ManhattanIf you’re looking for a reputable flu shot clinic in Manhattan or surrounding neighborhoods in New York City, MedRite Urgent Care is the place for you. Our team of certified medical professionals is committed to helping New Yorkers defend themselves against influenza by providing flu shots at all of our New York City locations.

The flu shot is an injection containing the strains of the influenza virus that scientists believe will be most prevalent in a given year. Because of this, it is commonly believed that flu shots themselves can make you sick. This, however, is a myth. Flu shots contain only inactive forms of the virus that are not capable of infecting you. Instead, the introduction of the inactive form tricks the immune system into developing antibodies to fight off the false threat. These antibodies are then already present and ready to protect against the flu virus should you become exposed to it. This injection is beneficial to nearly everyone, especially in a crowded area like Manhattan, but there are certain people for whom flu shots are particularly important, including:

  • Pregnant women
  • Individuals with auto-immune diseases
  • Children
  • The elderly

Because the flu is so contagious, it is important to do everything you can to prevent contracting and spreading it. In addition to visiting a flu shot clinic for your annual flu shot, you should make sure to wash your hands regularly and avoid physical contact with anyone who may be suffering from the flu.

Our flu shot clinic offers extended hours and weekend hours because we respect our patients’ busy schedules. Take advantage of our flexible hours and short wait times by coming in to our Manhattan area flu shot clinic today. We never expect or require appointments, so you can drop by whenever it is most convenient for you.

"Absolutely amazing staff and Dr. Goldstein immediately made us feel like family.  Thanks guys!"
Jun L., Maryland

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