Flu Shots for the Entire Family at Multiple Locations in New York City, NY

Flu Shots New York City NYThe best place to get flu shots in New York City, NY, is MedRite Urgent Care. We are a state-of-the-art walk-in clinic with multiple locations around the city. No appointment is ever needed and we are open extended hours and on weekends, so you can stop by at a time that is convenient for you instead of having to work around your family physician’s busy schedule and limited hours.

Some people question whether flu shots are actually necessary, but at MedRite Urgent Care, we advocate receiving a flu vaccine at the start of each flu season. The flu can be much more devastating than a cold, leading to dehydration and sometimes even hospitalization. Furthermore, many people in the population are more vulnerable to the debilitating effects of the flu, and by keeping yourself protected against this nasty virus, you can keep the people around you protected as well. It is especially important for you to receive a flu shot if you are a member of or regularly come in contact with any of the following groups of people in New York City:

  • Pregnant women
  • Children
  • The elderly
  • The immunocompromised, such as those with diabetes or asthma
  • Healthcare workers

Additionally, flu shots administered in prior years are not guaranteed to protect against this year’s strains of the flu virus. This is why it is recommended to receive the shot again every year.

For more information on the flu shots administered at MedRite Urgent Care, contact us today, or simply walk in to one of our New York City, NY, locations during our convenient business hours.

"Absolutely amazing staff and Dr. Goldstein immediately made us feel like family.  Thanks guys!"
Jun L., Maryland

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