Flu Shots Are Administered at Our Convenient Spring Valley, NY Location

Flu Shots Spring Valley NYFlu shots are one of the best ways for people to arm themselves against the dangers of flu season. MedRite Urgent Care is devoted to offering flu shots at our Spring Valley, New York location in order to help protect area residents, including you and your family, from contracting influenza. The flu can wreak havoc on the body, causing the afflicted to suffer symptoms including fever, sore throat, difficulty breathing, aches and pains, and much more. Thankfully, flu shots are able to help the body defend itself against the virus with the injection of an inactive form. This encourages the production of antibodies so that the immune system will be better equipped to fight off an active form, should you become exposed to it.

Even though there are significant benefits to flu shots, many people are unable to receive theirs due to an inability to see a doctor during normal business hours. At MedRite Urgent Care we understand that our patients lead busy lives, and don’t believe they should miss out on health care because of their schedules. That’s why we are committed to offering both extended weekday and weekend hours. In addition to our flexible hours, patients receiving flu shots at our Spring Valley location can expect:

  • Short wait times thanks to our focused team
  • Exceptional customer service from our trained medical staff
  • Easy payment options due to our acceptance of nearly every major health insurance as well as virtually all payment methods

If you live in or are currently visiting Spring Valley, NY, save yourself the hassle of a visit to the doctor’s office by trusting the experienced staff at MedRite Urgent Care with your annual flu shots. Appointments are never required or expected, so stop in today and take the first step in protecting yourself against the flu.

“Nice staff, clean facility and quick and efficient service. I went for a pre-employment screening and I was pleased with how quickly they attend the patients. Highly recommend.”
Candy G., New York

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