X-Rays & Fracture Treatment Available at MedRite Urgent Care’s Walk-In Clinic in New York City

Fracture Treatment New York City Fractures can occur for any number of reasons, from sports injuries to slip-and-fall accidents. Regardless of how the injury occurred, however, it is likely causing you pain. MedRite Urgent Care can help you feel better faster when you visit us for fracture treatment. We cater to busy New Yorkers by focusing on efficiency so that you can get the treatment you need without putting a wrench in your schedule.

What to Expect When Being Treated for a Fracture

The level of treatment you require will depend on the severity of your fracture. We’ll start by performing an initial exam and likely taking an X-ray of the bone to determine how bad the injury is. Most fractures are treated by immobilizing the bone with an elastic bandage, splint, sling, or cast. Our doctor may also recommend pain medication, heat and ice therapy, or physical therapy as part of your fracture treatment.

Why Choose MedRite Urgent Care for Fracture Treatment?

Waiting for an appointment with your general practitioner or in a long line at the emergency room while suffering from a painful fracture is inconvenient to say the least. At MedRite Urgent Care, we offer fast, same-day fracture treatment so that you can start healing quickly. When you choose us for your treatment you can expect:

  • To be seen by an experienced board-certified physician
  • A quick diagnosis, as our X-ray equipment is located onsite
  • Easy scheduling, as we never require appointments or referrals and are open early and late every day

If you think you may have fractured a bone, walk in to MedRite Urgent Care in New York City for a diagnosis and treatment. Our co-pays are lower than emergency room fees and we accept self-payment and all major forms of health insurance.

"Dr. Goldstein was very friendly and comforting and makes sure to let his patients know he's always available. I'll come here again in a heartbeat if my regular Dr isn't available. "
Coralie Z., Florida

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