For Immediate Medical Care in New York City, Turn to MedRite Urgent Care

Immediate Medical Care New York City NY

If you need immediate medical care for a non-life-threatening health condition in New York City, but your primary care physician can’t fit you in right away, don’t automatically head to a hospital emergency room. MedRite Urgent Care was established to meet the healthcare needs of New Yorkers who find themselves in these situations – and more. In addition to addressing urgent illnesses and injuries, we can also diagnose and treat chronic conditions like high blood pressure, asthma, and diabetes. And, unlike most other urgent care facilities, MedRite can also serve as your primary care physician’s office, if you’d like.

An immediate medical care and family medicine provider, MedRite has three convenient office locations in New York City. We’re open daily and accept most major health insurance plans (also, consider that urgent care co-pays are generally much lower than ER co-pays). For patients who do not have health insurance coverage, we’ve established an affordable self-pay schedule, and we make sure that every patient is fully informed of any costs upfront.

Whether you come to MedRite for routine or immediate medical care, you will find the very best in the practice of medicine, including:

  • Walk-in convenience
  • Board-certified physicians
  • A compassionate and friendly staff
  • On-site diagnostic testing
  • No referrals required

At MedRite, we provide each patient with individualized attention and strive to establish a trusted relationship based on open communication. Through this relationship, we hope to instill peace and confidence in our patients by confirming that we are truly dedicated to their well-being. Ultimately, our goal is to provide patient-centered medical care that emphasizes respect and promotes patient-directed treatment using innovative techniques and state-of-the-art equipment.

If you need immediate medical care in New York City, and you are not facing a true emergency, turn to MedRite Urgent Care. You can walk right into our office location nearest you or, if you’d prefer, you can use our easy online check-in system to further streamline your visit.

“Quick Service and the staff is kind and courteous. Yuen M.A. was excellent she answered all my questions and concerns.”
Alberta L., New York

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