Influenza Shot Services Offered Throughout Manhattan and Other New York City Neighborhoods, by the Team at MedRite Urgent Care

Influenza Shot ManhattanIf you haven’t received your influenza shot yet this season, visit MedRite Urgent Care at our locations in Manhattan and other NYC Neighborhoods. Contracting influenza, also commonly known as the flu, can confine you to your bed for days on end while suffering from acute symptoms including chills, fever, runny nose, cough, and sore throat. By receiving an influenza shot, you can give your body a fighting chance against exposure to the flu virus, diminishing the likelihood of becoming sick.

Even though an influenza shot offers an invaluable defense against the flu, many people overlook the importance of the injection. It is commonly believed that the flu is not a serious illness, and therefore the shot is unnecessary. This, however, is false. Not only can the flu cause you to become severely ill with symptoms including high fever and extreme fatigue, it can also develop into diseases like pneumonia when left untreated. Because of this, it is important to receive an annual flu shot. Our Manhattan facilities cater to busy New Yorkers by offering:

  • Short wait times
  • Extended weekday and weekend hours
  • Walk-in services

The convenience offered by MedRite makes it easy to stop by anytime for your influenza shot.  In addition to our flexible availability, we offer unparalleled customer service thanks to our community-based doctors and individualized approach to care. Our expert medical staff will do everything in their power to ensure your visit runs smoothly and comfortably.

After your shot has been administered, you can relax knowing we accept almost every major health insurance as well as many payment methods. Come by one of our Manhattan locations today and put your health first by receiving an influenza shot.

"Absolutely amazing staff and Dr. Goldstein immediately made us feel like family.  Thanks guys!"
Jun L., Maryland

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