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Injured on the Job in Miami?

4 Facts to Know

Getting injured on the job in Miami can be a scary thing if you don’t arm yourself with the facts. You have plenty of choices in Miami for medical care, but all are not equal — especially concerning workers’ comp injuries. This vital choice of a medical provider could mean the difference between safely recovering and returning to work, or the opposite.

MedRite Urgent Care treats hundreds of work injuries every month with one goal in mind: Sending the employee back to work as safely as possible by providing the best care possible.We express that goal with each injured employee that graces our door, working with them every step of the way.

Most injured workers don’t understand the workers’ comp process fully, and all the unknowns may lead to undue anxiety. We empathize with this anxiety and we are here to help. Once you are injured at work, it is imperative that you inform  your superiors right away. There’s no need  to worry, because your employer carries insurance that will cover the cost of your medical bills for the injury.

Becoming informed about the workers’ comp injury process will help you choose the right medical provider that will restore your health and help you return to work. Here are some important tenets you need to know about the workers’ comp process in Miami.

Report your injury as soon as possible

In the state of Florida, you have 30 days to report an injury incident that is work related. However, the sooner you report the better because, in some cases, injuries are exacerbated if left untreated. The sooner you begin treatment, the sooner the healing process can begin.

Leaving injuries unreported can lead to complications, pain, and sometimes permanent damage. Plus, if you allow the injury to go unreported for longer than 30 days, your employer may not be able to file a claim under their workers’ comp policy.

You can skip the hospital

A glaring misconception about workers’ comp injuries is the need to go to the emergency room. If your injury is not life- or limb-threatening you can seek medical care at MedRite Urgent Care. Unlike an emergency room, we treat your injury through to fruition.

Emergency rooms are crowded places, and their staff are dealing with many dire situations. They are often understaffed or  otherwise unequipped to provide the quality of care you’re looking for.

MedRite has everything on site to provide diagnostic and treatment of any physical or pathological aliment you may have.

After each visit with us you will know exactly how and if you can return to work, as well as what the next steps will be to see your injury to restoration.

You may still be able to work

Just because you are injured does not necessarily sideline you entirely. Many employers have multiple positions that require a lesser work load than your current position.

If your employer has these positions available, then in most cases you can perform “limited duty.” Limited duty is determined by your doctor, with the curative lens that allows you to work “limitedly” whilst remaining focused on healing the injury. MedRite will work with your employer and communicate with their administration to advise what, if any, limited duty is recommended.


Your Employer Wants you Back

Hiring employees is perhaps one of the most costly things businesses do. Recruiting, interviewing, paperwork, screening, and training are large expenditures for any company. The bottom line is your employer wants you to return to work healthy and safely.

You cannot be fired for making or attempting to make a workers’ comp injury claim. However, there is no provision in Florida law that requires an employer to hold a position open for you. This lack of provision should give you a laser determination to seek a medical provider whose primary goal is your expeditious recovery. But, it cannot be stressed enough that recovery requires the best care available; substandard clinics and inadequate care could result in your injury lapse. Although it is illegal to fire you for making or attempting to make a workers’ comp claim, opening and closing job positions is not illegal.

Unfortunately, some medical providers lack the proficiency and due diligence workers’ comp cases require. They are sometimes slow to communicate or have lackluster paperwork skills; this would not translate well in return-to-work time for you.

At MedRite, we have strict standard operating procedures insofar as workers’ comp patients are concerned. We communicate with your employer and proper agencies every step of the way.

Getting injured on the job doesn’t have to be the end of the world, but we know it can feel like it at times. MedRite truly understands what you’re going through and,unlike getting lost in hospital bureaucracy, we will treat you as family. Injuries can be headaches enough, and work-related injuries leave employees disconcerted and scared. MedRite heals the ailment and acts as an advocate for your prompt return to work by employing best medical practices. Come see why we are the highest rated Urgent care in the state of Florida.  Here’s a hint: it’s because patients, employers, and employees love us that much.

"And everyone here was SO NICE, I could not believe it! I was very thankful of service I received here. I recommend this place!!! "
Inae L., New York

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