MedRite Urgent Care is the Occupational Health Clinic of Choice for Employers in Gramercy Park & Other NYC Neighborhoods

Occupational Health Clinic Gramercy Park NY

The MedRite Urgent Care occupational health clinic serves as a valuable resource to employers throughout the Gramercy Park area. We are fully invested in the health of our community, and that includes the businesses that make New York City thrive. No matter how committed to safety a business is, it’s a given that some workers will be injured every year. Our goal is to help employers enhance the health and productivity of their employees while reducing workers’ compensation and disability claims.

The board-certified physicians and other occupational health professionals at the MedRite Urgent Care occupational health clinic near Gramercy Park are committed to keeping the NYC workforce safe and healthy. To do so, we provide preventive medical surveillance for workplace hazards, evaluate and treat work-related injuries and illnesses, and develop programs to assist employees in returning to work after injuries and illnesses.

To help businesses promote employee wellness, our occupational health clinic offers a range of services related to:

  • Primary injury care – We can provide immediate and professional medical care to diagnose and treat a work-related injury. With on-site X-ray imaging and suturing capabilities, we are prepared to address virtually any non-life-threatening medical condition.
  • Workers’ compensation – Certified by the Workers’ Compensation Board, our physicians can oversee an injured employee’s care plan, guide both the employer and employee through the recovery process, and minimize time away from work while maximizing both healing and productivity.
  • Employee immunizations and vaccinations – We offer a wide variety of basic and travel-related vaccinations designed to help prevent employees from becoming ill.
  • Pre-employment physicals – Our skilled physicians personally perform comprehensive examinations to ensure that each applicant is capable of performing the assigned tasks in good health.
  • Department of Transportation (DOT) exams – As a DOT-certified provider, the MedRite occupational health clinic is authorized to conduct the exams required by federal law to issue certain job-related clearances, such as a commercial driver’s license (CDL) medical card.
  • Audiograms – Our state-of-the-art hearing tests are designed to determine whether workplace noise is affecting an employee’s ability to hear, and to help ensure that an employee’s hearing is being properly conserved.

By working with the MedRite Urgent Care occupational health clinic near Gramercy Park in Midtown Manhattan, you can serve your employees and protect your business at the same time. We are committed to providing simplified billing and accurate, timely updates on each employee’s care. To learn more, contact us today.

“Nice staff, clean facility and quick and efficient service. I went for a pre-employment screening and I was pleased with how quickly they attend the patients. Highly recommend.”
Candy G., New York

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