Occupational Therapy at MedRite

Medrite now offers both physical therapy and occupational therapy services.  These therapeutic approaches play a major role in our company’s mission by providing comprehensive therapy for employee injuries so patients can get back to work and back to their life…fast.

We understand that therapy can be confusing so we take the time that’s needed to help patients understand the benefits of therapy, learn how to prevent re-injury, and stay motivated. Our educational and comprehensive approach provides the tools you need to return to normal activity and shorten recovery time. Our inclusive therapy practices enable employers and employees to save time and money

What’s the difference between Physical Therapy & Occupational Therapy?

Physical therapy and occupational therapy have some similarities but their focus and approach is different. Physical therapy focuses on treating the impairment and an Occupational Therapy strives to improve function.  A physical therapist (PT) will deal with areas such as pain reduction, mobility, and bone or joint alignment. An occupational therapist (OT) build skills, provide tools, and create systems so patients can complete everyday tasks for home and work.

The two therapeutic approaches often overlap. PTs and OTs often collaborate and work together to help patients recover and function as fully as possible during and after the recovery period.

What can I expect in an Occupational Therapy session?

You will work with a licensed occupational therapist and their staff to restore and continue daily living skills so you can improve your endurance, coordination, and strength and return to work and living independently.  The OT may focus on motor control, problem solving, coordination, safety, and visual perception. Individual plans of care will be created for each patient.


We are proud of our professional staff, state of the art facility, and individual care we offer in both our physical therapy and occupational therapy departments.  We are here to help you.