What happens in Physical Therapy session?

Physical therapy concentrates on reducing your pain and improving your mobility.  During your first session you will probably receive a physical exam, diagnostic testing, and be asked to give a medical history which may look at your general health and life style choices.  You’ll also talk about your goals.  Then you’ll be assessed in several areas including balance, strength, posture, coordination, and flexibility. Then your physical therapist will develop a treatment plan which may include specific exercises and various therapeutic techniques.

What can I expect in a Therapy session?

You will work with a licensed physical therapist and their staff to restore and continue daily living skills so you can improve your endurance, coordination, and strength and return to routine living independently.  The OT may focus on motor control, problem solving, coordination, safety, and visual perception. Individual plans of care will be created for each patient.

We are proud of our professional staff, state of the art facility, and individual care we offer in our physical therapy department.  We are here to help you.

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