Treatment for Persistent Shoulder Pain Is Available Every Day in Spring Valley, NY

Shoulder Pain Spring Valley NYShoulder pain can have many causes. For instance, general muscle aches often accompany the common cold and flu, and a muscle strain can occur during vigorous physical activities, such as sports and heavy lifting. Shoulder pain can also be caused by osteoarthritis, tendinitis, or a pinched nerve in the neck.

In many cases, shoulder pain will go away on its own. However, if the discomfort persists beyond a few days or starts to interfere with your daily activities, you should seek professional medical attention. At MedRite Urgent Care in Spring Valley, New York, we make it easy for you. Simply stop by at your convenience, and we’ll see you as quickly as possible.

How Is Shoulder Pain Treated?

The key to effective treatment for shoulder pain is an accurate diagnosis, which you can promptly receive at our world-class medical facility. We perform X-rays on-site, so if your physician orders an imaging test to help determine the cause of your shoulder pain, you won’t need to travel to an offsite testing center and delay your treatment.

After pinpointing the cause of your shoulder pain, we may suggest:

  • Resting for a day or two, then resuming normal activities as tolerated (inactivity can lead to muscle weakness and impede recovery)
  • Avoiding heavy lifting and vigorous exercise until the pain subsides
  • Relaxing in a hot bath or shower once or twice a day
  • Applying a heating pad or ice pack 3-4 times a day for approximately 20 minutes at a time
  • Taking over-the-counter nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) as needed

You can count on our knowledgeable, friendly team of medical professionals to provide you with comprehensive joint pain treatment, which may include prescription medication and/or a referral to a specialist, if necessary.

Don’t Allow Shoulder Pain to Cramp Your Style

For shoulder pain and other non-life-threatening medical conditions, MedRite is a quicker and less expensive alternative to an emergency room in Spring Valley, NY. We provide many of the same services as an ER, but with a personal touch. You can also take advantage of our convenient, online check-in system if you’d like. We accept all major health insurance plans as well as self-pay options. Come in and see us today!

"I had to come here when I got injured at work and the receptionist and nurses were so caring it was amazing. I love the staff's bedside manners."
Kristy Lisa C., California

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