Sports Medicine Services Available on a Walk-in Basis at a New York City Medical Clinic

Sports Medicine Walk-in Clinic New York CityAthletes and other active individuals in New York City don’t have to wait for an appointment – or for triage in an ER – to receive world-class orthopedic care for a non-life-threatening sports-related injury. MedRite Urgent Care offers a variety of sports medicine services on a walk-in basis. Staffed by a team of compassionate experts, our medical clinic is conveniently open every day during extended hours.

Here are some other reasons you can feel confident turning to MedRite for all of your non-emergency health care needs:

We Offer On-Site Imaging Services for a Fast & Accurate Diagnosis

Imaging plays a key role in sports medicine. In many cases, an X-ray is necessary to diagnose an athletic injury. The trained and certified technicians at MedRite have access to the latest X-ray technology on site, which means we are often able to expedite the diagnostic process – and spare our patients the need to travel to various testing centers before they can receive treatment.

We Offer Treatments for a Variety of Sports-Related Injuries

The experienced health care professionals at our state-of-the-art medical facility treat many non-emergency orthopedic conditions, including:

  • Ligament sprains
  • Muscle strains
  • Minor bone fractures
  • Minor joint dislocations
  • Overuse injuries, such as runner’s knee and tennis elbow
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Joint pain

Exercise Is Very Beneficial, but Sometimes Injuries Occur

If you’re physically active, good for you! Regular exercise provides many health-enhancing benefits. But, injuries can occur for a number of reasons, including accidents, insufficient warm-up, lack of conditioning, overtraining, and the use of improper equipment. In these situations, MedRite is here for you.

If you have a bone, joint, ligament, or muscle injury that requires prompt medical attention, but a hospital emergency room is more than you need, visit MedRite Urgent Care in New York City. At our modern and comfortable medical clinic, we offer sports medicine services and orthopedic urgent care on a walk-in basis, which can potentially save you both time and money. We accept most major health insurance plans, and we also offer affordable self-pay options.

"I haven't been treated like this ever by my own personal doctor. I really recommend this place and there amazing staff. Thank you again sooo much for all your amazing help."
Irma G., Florida

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