Get a Sports Physical in Brooklyn, NY, Today – No Appointment Necessary

Sports Physical Brooklyn, NY Many sports programs require participants to undergo a physical exam prior to joining. This is a safety measure taken to ensure all players are healthy and fit to participate. If you need a sports physical, you can get one without an appointment at MedRite Urgent Care in Brooklyn, New York. We accept walk-ins every day of the week and are happy to provide physical exams for children of all ages.

What to Expect During a Sports Physical

A licensed medical professional will conduct your child’s sports physical. He or she will start by asking you about your child’s medical history, including any illnesses, surgeries, hospitalizations, past injuries, medications, allergies, and more. Then, your child will be given a basic physical exam that will include:

  • Taking their vital signs
  • Recording their height and weight
  • Checking their vision and hearing
  • Evaluating their strength and flexibility
  • Checking their abdomen, ears, eyes, nose, throat, heart, and lungs

Following the exam, our provider will fill out and sign any necessary paperwork. Just make sure you bring any forms you need to be signed with you to your visit. If there is a concern, further testing or a follow-up exam may be recommended.

It is important to remember that a sports physical is intended to determine whether there are any health concerns related to playing a sport, and is not a replacement for an annual physical exam.

Get Your Pre-Participation Physical Today

If your child needs a sports physical exam, bring them into MedRite Urgent Care in Brooklyn, NY. We accept self-payment and most major types of health insurance. You can save even more time by using our online check-in service to reserve your spot in line before you arrive.

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“Nice staff, clean facility and quick and efficient service. I went for a pre-employment screening and I was pleased with how quickly they attend the patients. Highly recommend.”
Candy G., New York

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