After-Hours Treatment for a Sprained Ankle in Manhattan

Sprained Ankle ManhattanDid you fall and hurt your ankle? Sometimes, it can be difficult to distinguish a sprained ankle from a fractured ankle, so it’s best to seek professional medical attention as soon as possible. But, you don’t have to wait days for an appointment with a primary care provider or sit for hours in an ER waiting room. The board-certified physicians and other licensed medical professionals at MedRite Urgent Care in Manhattan can evaluate your injury right away. If necessary, we can perform an X-ray on-site to confirm or rule out a fracture, then suggest a treatment plan to help you heal quickly and fully.

How Does a Sprained Ankle Differ From a Fractured Ankle?

A sprain is a soft tissue injury in which a ligament – a fibrous band that connects the bones in a joint – is stretched beyond its normal capacity, possibly to the point of tearing. A fracture is a crack or break in a bone. Both injuries can produce similar symptoms, such as ankle pain, swelling, bruising, and an inability to bear weight or walk on the affected leg. Therefore, a prompt and accurate diagnosis is essential to ensure appropriate treatment.

How Is a Sprained Ankle Treated?

After diagnosing a sprained ankle, we may suggest:

  • A brief rest (no more than 2-3 days; inactivity can lead to muscle weakness and delay healing)
  • Icing the painful ankle every two to three hours for 20 minutes at a time to reduce swelling
  • Compressing the ankle with an elastic bandage to stabilize the injury
  • Wearing a walking boot until the affected ankle can comfortably bear weight
  • Performing physical therapy to strengthen the muscles that support the ankle (we have a licensed physical therapist on-site)

In most cases, sprained ankle treatment does not involve surgery. However, a surgical procedure may be suggested to address a very severe injury that involves cartilage damage or chronic joint instability. If necessary, we can refer you to a surgeon.

Don’t try to push through an ankle injury. You can easily make the problem worse, and that can lead to chronic pain and arthritis. To learn more about treatment options for a sprained ankle, contact or visit MedRite Urgent Care in Manhattan today.

"The bedside manner of everyone was extremely kind, helpful and made me feel more comfortable. Both the PAs and nurses were excellent."
Katherine G., New York

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