Walk-In STD Testing & Treatment Available at Our Clinic in Brooklyn, NY

STD Clinic Brooklyn, NY Getting tested for STDs should become a regular aspect of your healthcare routine as soon as you become sexually active. MedRite Urgent Care makes the process quick and easy. We offer STD testing and treatment at our clinic in Brooklyn, New York, and will be happy to see you any day of the week – no appointment necessary.

Common STD Signs & Symptoms

There are different kinds of STDs and many of them show similar symptoms. If you’ve experienced any of the following, you should visit an STD clinic as soon as possible:

  • Discharge from the penis or vagina
  • Itching or irritation around the genitals
  • Pain while urinating or having sex
  • A strong odor coming from the genitals
  • Sores, bumps, or a rash on or near the mouth, genitals, or anus

However, while some STDs show symptoms right away, it is very common for an STD to remain asymptomatic, meaning no symptoms develop. Because of this, it is crucial that you visit an STD clinic regularly for testing. Otherwise, you may contract an STD and be unaware of its presence, thus allowing the infection to worsen and increasing its chance of spreading.

Get Tested Today

The licensed professionals at MedRite Urgent Care are friendly and caring. We will be happy to answer any questions that you have and will do all we can to ensure you’re comfortable during your visit. Following your testing, we will call to inform you of your results and will keep this information entirely confidential – disclosing it only to you. If your results are positive, we’ll talk to you about the next steps to take and will prescribe the necessary treatment.

When you need to visit an STD clinic in Brooklyn, NY, choose MedRite Urgent Care. We’re open seven days a week, and we never require appointments.

"Amazing!! Staff was so friendly and knowledgeable! The premises were very well equipped and clean. So happy to have found this llocation!!!!"
Sylvia C., Florida

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