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Where to Get STD Test New York City NYIf you’re wondering where to get an STD test in New York City, NY, look no further than MedRite Urgent Care for fast, accurate testing and treatment along with absolute confidentiality. With up-to-date facilities and a team of board-certified physicians, we operate a number of walk-in clinics at convenient locations in the Big Apple that offer prolonged hours and weekend availability. Furthermore, our wait times are only a few minutes, and no appointment or referral is necessary, so you can come in at a time that works best for you.

Sexually transmitted diseases are fairly common, and it is crucial to maintain healthy sexual practices to promote your overall health as well as the well-being of your partners. Although some symptoms may be easy to recognize, such as a burning sensation while urinating, discharge from the genitals, or sores on the vagina or penis, many sexually transmitted infections are actually non-symptomatic but still highly transmittable. So, if you or your partners have been exposed to the possibility of an STD through unprotected sex, you may be at risk and testing is highly recommended. Early detection is essential to prevent further transmission as well as serious and sometimes permanent complications caused by certain infections.

Now that you know where to get an STD test in New York City that guarantees discretion and timeliness, here is what you can expect of the process at MedRite Urgent Care:

  • Health and sexual history – To establish which tests are most appropriate, your physician will inquire about your medical history and sexual practices, including the use of protection, number of partners, and body regions used during sexual acts.
  • Physical examination – The physician will perform an exam assessing any indications of infection that may include discharge, sores, or noticeable irritation.
  • Sample collection – Your doctor will then determine which samples are needed for testing; these may include a blood sample, urine sample, and/or a mouth swab to evaluate tissue, saliva, and cell samples.

The testing is painless and only takes a moment. In addition to our genuinely empathetic team that delivers our signature personalized care, our sophisticated onsite labs will have quick and precise results back to you in no time. If an STD is diagnosed, we can provide immediate treatment and any necessary prescriptions along with information regarding preventive measures for the future.

Furthermore, for financial assurance, we proudly accept most major health insurances. So, whether you need medical care for a non-life-threatening illness or you are wondering where to get an STD test in New York City, MedRite Urgent Care is here to help you save time, save money, and feel better.

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