STD Testing and Treatment Options Near Turtle Bay & Other NYC Neighborhoods

STD Testing Turtle Bay NY

If you have questions about STD testing, treatment, or prevention, you can turn to MedRite Urgent Care near Turtle Bay in New York City. Our walk-in medical facility is equipped with an onsite lab, allowing us to provide the fast and accurate answers you need and deserve. If necessary, our experienced and compassionate staff of health care professionals can also recommend appropriate treatments for most common STDs, as well as provide guidance on how to protect yourself and others from further exposure. At MedRite, we are committed to providing the Midtown East community with STD testing options that are convenient, accurate, confidential, and covered by most health insurance plans.

While some STDs produce obvious symptoms, such as burning, itching, pain, or discharge, others are almost imperceptible, and STD testing is the only way to detect them. If undiagnosed or left untreated, certain sexually transmitted infections can have serious and sometimes life-threatening consequences. If you’ve been exposed through unprotected sex, you should request an STD test right away. Additionally, many experts recommend periodic STD testing for all individuals who are sexually active. You can never be too safe when it comes to protecting your health.

There are many different types of STDs, and no single test can detect them all. Therefore, if you come to MedRite near Turtle Bay for STD testing, we’ll usually begin by asking you some questions regarding your general health, sexual practices, and symptoms in order to determine which type of test(s) you may need. Common testing methods include:

  • A physical examination to check for sores, discharge, and other signs of infection
  • A urine test to detect chlamydia or gonorrhea
  • A blood test to identify herpes, syphilis, or HIV

At MedRite, you will be seen by a caring medical provider who will make every effort to put you at ease and answer your questions. Your STD testing results will be fully explained to you, and all of our services will be performed with the utmost respect for your privacy and well-being.

Feel free to visit the MedRite Urgent Care near Turtle Bay or one of our other NYC locations for quick, convenient, and discreet STD testing. We do not require appointments, but if you would like, you can use our easy online check-in system.

"Absolutely amazing staff and Dr. Goldstein immediately made us feel like family.  Thanks guys!"
Jun L., Maryland

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