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Travel Vaccines Manhattan NYTravel Vaccines are not only required for Manhattan, New York, residents to travel to specific countries abroad, but they are also recommended to greatly protect one’s health in a foreign environment. MedRite Urgent Care offers the simple solution for your travel health needs. In addition to our general healthcare services, we are able to provide travel immunizations, proof of vaccinations, and valuable information regarding your health and travel.

Whether you’re planning on scaling the Andes in South America, or you’re looking forward to a wildlife expedition in the Congo, travel vaccines are essential to protect yourself from serious, sometimes life-threatening, diseases. Immunizations are injections that expose your immune system to the germs of a particular disease, allowing the body to produce antibodies that will defend you from any future exposure. Because some vaccinations require multiple doses over certain length of time to work effectively, it’s imperative that you meet with a healthcare specialist as soon as your travel plans are set.

There are three different types of travel vaccines, all of which are available at MedRite Urgent Care in Manhattan. The three types of immunizations are:

  • Recommended vaccinations – These immunizations are not obligatory but are highly suggested, and will directly be determined by your current health status, age, destination, and itinerary.
  • Required vaccines – These travel vaccines are mandatory and require proof, in the form of the International Certificate of Vaccination, when visiting certain countries overseas, especially in regions of South America and Africa.
  • Routine inoculations – As the name suggests, these are standard, recommended vaccinations that routinely occur throughout one’s life in the U.S.

For your convenience, we accept all major health plans, and appointments are never required. Furthermore, we offer extended hours throughout the week as well weekend availability, so you can come in when it’s most opportune for you.

For more information regarding travel vaccines or the other non-emergency healthcare services that we offer at our locations throughout Manhattan, NY, contact MedRite Urgent Care today.

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