Urgent Wound Care & Stitches Provided After Hours in Manhattan

Urgent Care Stitches ManhattanEveryone sustains a cut from time to time. In order to heal properly, some wounds require stitches (sutures). Using a special needle and surgical thread, a medical professional at MedRite Urgent Care in Manhattan can promptly stitch a non-life-threatening laceration closed to stop the bleeding, lower the risk of infection, promote proper healing, and reduce scarring.

While suturing is a relatively simple medical procedure that can be very effective for promoting proper wound healing, it is important to note that many minor cuts can heal properly without stitches. Here are some factors to consider when determining whether – and where – you should seek professional wound care:

The Amount of Bleeding

If your laceration is bleeding uncontrollably or spurting blood, you should seek immediate medical attention at the nearest hospital emergency room. Otherwise, if you apply direct pressure to your wound and it continues to bleed after 15 minutes, you may need stitches, which you can promptly receive at our urgent care center.

The Size of Your Wound

Take a look at the length and depth of your injury. You may need stitches or other urgent care if your wound is:

  • More than one-half inch in length
  • More than one-quarter inch in depth
  • Deep enough to expose fatty tissue, muscle, or bone

The Location of Your Wound

Your laceration is more likely to require stitches if it is located in a certain area of your body. For instance, if your cut is on or across a joint – which can complicate healing by causing the wound edges to separate during movement – stitches can promote proper healing by holding the wound closed. Or, if your cut is on your face, stitches can improve the cosmetic outcome.

The Cause of Your Wound

Certain circumstances can increase the risk of infection, making it more important to seek medical attention for a wound. For instance, if your skin was punctured by a rusty metal object or you were bitten by an animal, you may require a tetanus booster or antibiotic treatment in addition to stitches.

The Takeaway

It’s not always obvious that a non-life-threatening wound requires suturing. Whether you think your wound needs stitches or you’re unsure, you can come to MedRite Urgent Care for prompt and professional wound care in Manhattan.

"So grateful this place was open later than 8pm to help me handle my allergic reaction. Will definitely recommend to others and use this place again if necessary."
Rebecca S., New York

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