Urinary Tract Infection Testing and Treatment in Spring Valley, NY

Urinary Tract Infection Spring Valley NYA urinary tract infection (UTI) can occur if harmful bacteria enter your urethra (the tube through which urine passes out of your body) and invade your bladder. Normally, urine is sterile and free of bacteria, but a UTI can develop if bacteria from your digestive tract, such as E. coli, cling to the outer opening of your urethra and multiply.

If left untreated, a urinary tract infection can spread to your kidneys and cause serious complications. Therefore, it’s very important to seek medical attention at the first sign of any symptoms, such as urinary urgency, burning during urination, dark or cloudy urine, or bladder spasms. You can receive a prompt diagnosis and effective treatment from the board-certified physicians and other licensed medical professionals at MedRite Urgent Care in Spring Valley, New York.

Treatment for a urinary tract infection usually involves antibiotic medications. Prior to developing a treatment plan, however, a healthcare provider at MedRite will test a urine sample to identify the type of bacteria that is causing your infection.

How to Ensure an Accurate Test Result

At our office, we’ll ask you to provide a urine sample for testing in our on-site lab. To help prevent external bacteria from tainting your sample – and affecting your test results – we’ll explain how to get a “clean catch,” which generally involves:

  • Washing your hands with plenty of soap and warm water, then drying them completely with a paper towel
  • Using antibacterial wipes to thoroughly cleanse your genital area
  • Taking care not to touch the inside of the sterile specimen container or its cover
  • Collecting a midstream urine sample directly into the container

After evaluating the results of your urinalysis, your medical history, and other factors, your physician at MedRite will recommend an appropriate course of antibiotic treatment, if warranted. Be sure to take all of the drugs exactly as prescribed.

If you’re experiencing uncomfortable symptoms and think you might have a urinary tract infection, come to MedRite Urgent Care in Spring Valley, NY. With daily availability during extended hours, we make it easy for our patients to find effective relief. At our walk-in clinic, we do not require appointments and accept most major health insurance plans.

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