Wart Removal:

Getting Rid of the Virus Under Your Skin

Warts, those unattractive lumps that can appear almost anywhere, are really an infection under the skin caused by viruses. The virus usually enters the top layer of the skin through a small scratch or nick, that’s all it takes. The virus may act immediately or stay dormant for months, but will eventually cause rapid cell growth.

Warts are most commonly found on the hand, but can occur anywhere in the body. The virus can be passed on through a hand shake, touching a door knob, or sharing a towel with somebody who has warts. Since the virus needs a nick or scratch to get in, they also are commonly found on men’s faces due to nicks after shaving or on women’s legs after they shave.

If you ignore a wart, it will not go away. Warts are contagious, so once you have one wart, more may follow. Over the counter wart removal products can be successful, especially if used when the wart first appears. If you choose to use salicylic acid or a propane freezing solution, you must be diligent and carefully read and follow product instructions. Realize it may take weeks or months before the wart is complete removed.

Since warts on the hands, face, or legs can cause embarrassment, physical discomfort and stress, many choose to have a doctor remove them. A Medrite doctor will freeze or burn off the wart in a single office visit and may prescribe immune boosting medication.

Warts spread and can cause embarrassment. If you’d like immediate results or if home remedies didn’t work, drop by the NYC Medrite clinic. We are open Sunday through Friday and you never need an appointment.

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