Looking for a Worker’s Compensation Clinic You Can Trust in Manhattan? Turn to MedRite Urgent Care

Worker’s Compensation Clinic Manhattan Most employers work to create a safe environment and ensure their employees remain up-to-date on the latest industry standards and best practices. However, even with well-trained, cautious employees and routine safety checks in place, accidents still happen. If one of your employees is injured on the job, you’ll want to send them to a reputable worker’s compensation clinic for their initial exam and follow-up treatment. For employers located in Manhattan, MedRite Urgent Care is the provider to choose.

Help Your Employees Feel Better and Get Back To Work Faster With MedRite

When an on-the-job injury occurs, it’s important to send your employee to a doctor that is not only qualified to offer treatment, but also truly cares about their well-being. Here at MedRite, we focus on an individualized approach to worker’s compensation treatment. We are committed to listening to our patients and ensuring they are treated with respect and given personalized care so that they never feel like they are just a number.

Our method helps patients to feel satisfied with the treatment they receive, which leads to a stronger likelihood of them returning to work quickly and safely.

MedRite Is a Convenient Option for Worker’s Compensation Treatment

Our team of board-certified physicians and registered nurses are experts in occupational health care, and we aim to make treatment for worker’s compensation injuries as easy as possible. We do this by offering:

  • Walk-in availability
  • Extended hours every day of the week
  • Short wait times
  • Onsite testing equipment
  • Onsite physical therapy

To learn more about our worker’s compensation clinic and the many other occupational health care services available at MedRite Urgent Care in Manhattan, contact us today. We look forward to helping your employees heal so that they can get back to work safely.

"Dr. Goldstein was very friendly and comforting and makes sure to let his patients know he's always available. I'll come here again in a heartbeat if my regular Dr isn't available. "
Coralie Z., Florida

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