Walk-In Wound Care for Brooklyn, NY, Residents & Visitors

Wound Care Brooklyn, NY Whether you’ve cut yourself while cooking dinner at your Brooklyn, New York, home or sustained a laceration while visiting the area, you’re likely hoping to find the fastest and most convenient treatment possible. MedRite Urgent Care is your solution. We offer walk-in wound care seven days a week and we never require appointments or referrals, making it easier than ever to get the treatment you need.

How Can We Care for Your Wound?

When you visit us for wound care, a licensed medical professional will see you. He or she will examine your wound and ask you questions about its occurrence. Once we have an understanding of the injury, we’ll be able to offer the appropriate care and treatment, which may include:

  • Stopping the bleeding
  • Cleaning the wound and removing any dirt or other embedded debris
  • Assessing the wound to ensure there is no underlying damage to muscle, bone, or nerves
  • Stitching or dressing the wound
  • Prescribing antibiotics or medication to prevent infection and alleviate pain

While many cuts, scrapes, and lacerations can be treated at our walk-in clinic, there are times when a wound calls for emergency care. If a wound spurts blood, continues to bleed after pressure has been applied for 10 minutes, results in a loss of consciousness, or affects the face, scalp, or genitals, you should seek immediate medical attention by dialing 911.

Meet With a Provider Today

Visit MedRite Urgent Care any day of the week to receive wound care in Brooklyn, NY. We accept many health insurance plans and we also take self-payment.

"The bedside manner of everyone was extremely kind, helpful and made me feel more comfortable. Both the PAs and nurses were excellent."
Katherine G., New York

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