Non-Emergency Wound Care Available After Hours in Manhattan

Wound Care ManhattanA wound is an injury that causes a break in the protective barrier of the skin, such as a cut, scrape, scratch, or puncture. Wounds can vary widely in severity, but first aid treatment is important for any wound in order to avoid complications such as infection and scarring. Deep punctures and lacerations that are bleeding uncontrollably require emergency wound care at a hospital ER.

Home Care for a Superficial Wound

On the other hand, superficial wounds can usually be treated at home. In these instances, proper wound care involves:

  • Washing the affected area with soap and water
  • Patting the skin dry with a clean cloth
  • Applying direct pressure to stop the bleeding
  • Dabbing on an antibiotic cream or petroleum jelly
  • Covering the wound with a bandage

It’s important to keep an eye on a wound as it heals. If it doesn’t seem to be getting better or if signs of infection are present, such as warmth, redness, drainage, pain, or swelling, a medical provider at an urgent care center can help.

Professional Care for a Non-Emergency Wound

For any wound that requires medical attention but does not constitute an emergency, an urgent care center can provide fast and effective treatment. MedRite Urgent Care provides professional wound care services after hours – and without an appointment – in Manhattan.

After cleansing and assessing a wound, a medical professional at MedRite Urgent Care will determine what is needed to stop the bleeding and promote healing. One option is suturing. After numbing the area surrounding the wound, the medical professional will carefully thread one or more stitches from one side of the wound to the other to keep it closed as it heals. In some cases, a tissue adhesive may be used in place of sutures to fuse the edges of the wound together. Depending on the nature of the wound and the patient’s vaccination status, a tetanus shot may be recommended.

Receive Non-Emergency Wound Care at MedRite Urgent Care

The experienced and compassionate medical professionals at MedRite Urgent Care are available seven days a week to provide professional wound care. You are welcome to visit our after-hours clinic any time you need prompt medical attention for a non-life-threatening health issue.

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