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Wound Care New York CityIf you’ve sustained an abrasion, cut, bite, blister, puncture, or laceration, the first step – and top priority – of wound care is to stop any bleeding. After thoroughly washing your hands, place a clean cloth or sterile bandage over your wound, then gently apply firm, direct pressure. If the cloth or bandage soaks through, replace it and continue applying pressure.

What to Do Next

After you apply pressure to your wound, you should seek professional wound care if the bleeding does not stop within 5-10 minutes, or if your wound:

  • Is deeper than one-quarter inch
  • Is longer than one-half inch
  • Has edges that are gaping open and cannot be pushed together
  • Has ragged edges
  • Has embedded debris, such as dirt, gravel, or glass
  • Was made by a rusty object

On the other hand, you can treat a superficial wound, such as a surface abrasion or paper cut, at home. To do so, gently wash the wound with soap and water, pat it dry with a clean cloth, dab on an antibiotic cream, and then cover it with a bandage. As your wound heals, be sure to watch for signs of infection, such as warmth and redness, and see a physician right away if your wound appears to be infected.

Do You Need an ER?

You should go directly to the nearest hospital ER for emergency wound care if your wound is bleeding uncontrollably or a severe bone fracture is suspected. Otherwise, you can seek treatment at an urgent care center. In New York City, you can receive prompt and professional non-emergency wound care at MedRite Urgent Care. Our office is open during extended hours every day of the week, and you don’t need to schedule an appointment in advance.

The experienced and compassionate medical professionals at MedRite Urgent Care will clean and assess your wound, determine whether you need sutures or an adhesive closure, and provide other appropriate wound care to promote proper healing and minimize the risk of infection.

If you need non-emergency wound care, visit MedRite Urgent Care in New York City today.

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