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Professional doctor in scrubs, medical mask and gloves, showing okay sign, for +MEDRITE X-Rays and On-Site Lab Testing.

What We Provide

We provide both on-site x-ray services and lab services to quickly give you the care that you need.

X-Ray Services

If you think you’ve suffered a possible break or fracture and need an x-ray, backed up ERs can add to your problems. With a quick wait time and friendly staff, +MEDRITE is here to provide services you may have difficulty acquiring from your primary doctor. Reduce paperwork and insurance hassles with on-site X-Rays here at +MEDRITE Urgent Care.

Some of the x-ray services we offer are:

  • Chest X-Rays
  • Outpatient X-Rays
  • All ages – Adult and Pediatric X-Ray Services
  • Images available on a CD for any follow-up with specialists

On-Site Lab Services

Urgent care services don’t start and end with the doctor’s office visit. We believe if lab work is ordered, it should be done in an efficient way that is convenient to the patient. That’s why we provide on-site lab services. Our highly trained technicians work in our modern labs using modern tests and techniques. Having our lab inside our facility allows us to streamline the medical process and deliver results quickly so you can feel better sooner.

Have lab tests done during your initial visit. Same day results or in a timely manner.

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