X-Rays Performed On-Site at Our Urgent Care Center in New York City

X-Rays New York CityThe health care professionals at MedRite Urgent Care have the latest X-ray technology available at their fingertips. Each of our offices in New York City is equipped with digital X-ray equipment, which means we are often able to expedite the diagnostic process and help our patients feel better faster.

When you think of X-rays, a broken bone might be the first thing to come to mind. However, in addition to providing clear evidence of a fracture, these powerful diagnostic tools can actually provide important insight to help a health care provider evaluate a number of injuries and illnesses.

What Can X-Rays Reveal?

At MedRite, we may order X-rays to help diagnose:

  • A bone fracture or joint dislocation
  • A foreign object, such as a wood splinter, a metal splinter or a shard of glass, embedded in the skin
  • Pneumonia (fluid in the lungs) or a collapsed lung
  • Kidney stones
  • A bowel obstruction

When you receive an X-ray at MedRite Urgent Care, it will be performed by a licensed and accredited radiologic technician. Then, it will be promptly evaluated by your treating physician at MedRite as well as a board-certified radiologist. You won’t have to waste valuable time traveling to an off-site testing center. When you leave our office, you will have a definitive diagnosis and appropriate treatment plan in place.

Urgent Care With X-Rays on Your Schedule

If you’re facing a non-life-threatening injury or illness, it’s neither practical nor necessary to schedule an advance appointment with a primary care physician or wait several hours to be seen by an emergency room doctor. At MedRite, we offer walk-in X-ray services every day during extended hours. We make it possible for you to receive the same X-rays you would receive in an ER, but much faster and at a fraction of the cost.

If you’re not feeling well, there’s no need to wait in pain. You can receive prompt and appropriate urgent care services with X-rays (if needed) at MedRite Urgent Care in New York City.

“Nice staff, clean facility and quick and efficient service. I went for a pre-employment screening and I was pleased with how quickly they attend the patients. Highly recommend.”
Candy G., New York

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