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Say hi to Yalixa, she is a loving and caring mom a really great co-worker and a District Manager at +MEDRITE Urgent Care. She works here because she believes in what we do and because it’s her family.

Our patients come first.

We aim to provide personalized, exceptional care with a first-class experience.

When it comes to your health, +MEDRITE is here for you.

Staffed by board-certified physicians and licensed medical professionals. Our team provides compassionate care and always prioritizes your health here at +MEDRITE Urgent Care.

+MEDRITE Employee smiling at the camera.
+MEDRITE Walk-In Urgent Care Physician looking towards and away from the camera.
+MEDRITE Physician smiling and laughing at the camera.
+MEDRITE Physician Judah smiling at the camera on a +MEDRITE blue background.
+MEDRITE Employee smiling and gripping her blazer while smiling at the camera.
+MEDRITE Walk-In Urgent Care Physician Emily smiling and laughing at the camera.
+MEDRITE Walk-In Urgent Care Physician Maria looking thrilled at the camera.
+MEDRITE Walk-In Urgent Care Employee making a peace sign at the camera and smiling.
+MEDRITE employee smiling while half-turned away from the camera.
+MEDRITE Employee, David, smiling at the camera in a blue suit.
+MEDRITE employee Yalixa smiling with her hand on her hip.
+MEDRITE employee Liraz scrunching her nose and smiling, with hands on her hips.
+MEDRITE employee giggling at the the camera.

There are a lot of reasons to stop by your local +MEDRITE Urgent Care. Check out all of the benefits of choosing us for all of your healthcare needs!

No Appointments or Referrals

Many medical conditions just can’t wait for a regular appointment. Our urgent care takes walk-ins, no appointments necessary!

COVID-19 Testing is Available

COVID- 19 Testing is available at all of our urgent care centers!

Wait Times are Only Minutes

Nobody likes sitting in a doctor's office. Our system allows people to be seen quickly so you'll start feeling better sooner.

Extended Hours - Open Sundays!

Healthcare providers should be open when you need them. We are open on Sundays! We open as early as 8 AM and stay open as late as 10 PM!

On Site Lab

We have labs on site, so you will get your lab results sooner.

X-Ray Machine

Our X-ray machines are all right here at +MEDRITE so you'll get the treatment you need all in one location!

We Accept Most Insurances

Our co-pays are less than hospital emergency room fees and we work with you to get your insurance processed.

Affordable! We Offer Self-Pay Rates

Not having insurance should not limit your access to healthcare. Here at +MEDRITE we take most insurances and have self-pay!

State of the Art Facility

We are proud of our modern and technologically advanced facility.

Licensed Professionals

Our board-certified emergency room trained physicians as well as our nurses and technicians are trained to attend to your healthcare needs.



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+MEDRITE Facility with couches in the lobby.
+MEDRITE lobby, spacious and clean. +MEDRITE sign visible from the inside on the front windows.
+MEDRITE Urgent Care sign posted on the outer window of a +MEDRITE facility. Lobby filled with natural light, clean.
+MEDRITE front desk, clean in front of a sleek facility.



Introducing what makes us different at +MEDRITE Urgent Care!

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