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STD Testing At +MEDRITE Urgent Care

+MEDRITE Urgent Care provides convenient and easy STD testing. Our Sexually Transmitted Disease testing services will only take a few minutes and is completely confidential. We send our tests to the where you will receive your results within 1-5 business days. Testing is the smart way to protect the sexual health of you and your partners. Visit your local +MEDRITE today for your STD Test!

Are there always symptoms for STD?

Some Sexual Transmitted Diseases produce symptoms and some don’t produce any symptoms. Some symptoms patients might see are: discharge from genitals, sores or itching on the genitals, or a burning during urination. Other types of infections may not have visible symptoms but can still be spread to your partners. If you do not use a condom, dental dam, or female condom during sexual interactions you are at risk for infection and should come in for testing.

Can I test myself?

No, only a healthcare provider can test for STDs. Some of the infections we test for include: HIV, Herpes, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea and Syphilis, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C.

Will my annual physical exam detect an STD?

Most healthcare providers do not routinely test for STDs for men or women unless asked for by the patient or if the patient is experiencing symptoms. It’s important to diagnose and receive treatment as soon as possible if there is a chance a patient could have an STD. If you see symptoms of an STD or have unprotected sex, come in for testing right away.

Is there more than one type of STD test?

There are several different types of tests that we can give our patients to detect types of STDs. Our +MEDRITE medical staff will ask you several questions at the clinic to help determine which tests you’ll need. It’s important to be honest with all your answers in order for our staff to treat you for the right infection and for our right test to be administered.

What questions will medical staff ask me?

Our medical staff will ask you a series of questions to determine which tests will be needed. Our medical staff may ask you questions about your sexual practices; including your use of condoms, number of sexual partners, areas of your body used during sexual acts. We will also ask about your medical history, previous STDs, symptoms, current medication, last menstrual period, and drug allergies. 

How does +MEDRITE test for STDs?

An STD test may include a physical exam, drawing blood for a blood sample, urinating into a cup for a urine sample, a mouth swab to collect saliva, tissue, and cell samples. The diagnosis may be made during the office visit or might take several days or weeks while our on-site lab processes the test. 

Do I need an appointment?

No, we provide STD testing on a walk-in basis with no appointment needed. The STD testing is quick, convenient, and confidential.

If I have an STD can I receive treatment at +MEDRITE?

Yes, if our medical staff diagnosis’s you with an infection our licensed healthcare professionals will treat it and prescribe medication to the patent if needed. Our medical staff will also discuss ways to prevent the transmission of STDs in the future.

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