Occupational Health

  • Primary Injury Care

    In the event of an employee injury, MedRite can provide immediate and professional medical care to diagnose, treat and ultimately heal the injury; with x-rays and suturing provided on-site, MedRite can treat anything not deemed life or limb-threatening.

  • Workers Compensation

    Our physicians are certified by the workers’ compensation board and will guide both employer and employee through the recovery process, oversee the plan of care, and streamline the return to work timeframes to minimize loss of work and maximize healing.

  • Early Intervention Program

    This early intervention program creates a comprehensive, sports medicine, communication-based plan of care for injured employees; the methods and solutions used for treatment of workers compensation injuries are proven to transition employees into the workplace quicker and are extremely cost-effective.

  • Wellness Programs

    From blood pressure screenings to cholesterol testing to diabetes prevention, the medical team at MedRite can provide employees with a broad array of wellness- based programs to keep them in shape and prevent any downtime due to sudden illness or sudden work-related injuries.

  • Immunizations & Vaccinations

    From basic immunization to travel-medicine related vaccinations, MedRite offers these shots to help prevent employees from becoming sick, as an effective line of defense against many dangerous diseases and illnesses.

Employer Paid Services

  • Pre-Employment Physicals

    Verifying that an employee is up to the job is critical; our team of skilled physicians personally perform each exam to verify that applicants are capable of performing their tasks in the best of health.

  • DOT Exams

    We are dot certified providers that are authorized to provide the examinations required by federal law to issue certain job related clearances such as a CDL medical card.

  • OSHA Mandated Physicals

    Our medical team is extremely knowledgeable about the OSHA regulatory and compliance medical guidelines, which requires employees to undergo exams prior to job placement.

  • HAZMAT Exams

    We offer a medical evaluation program for employees working in close proximity to hazardous materials or environments, and help them abide by work- place safety standards.

  • Audiograms

    These hearing tests are designed to verify if work- place noise is affecting an employee’s ability to hear and helps ensure that an employee’s hearing is being properly conserved.

  • Substance Abuse Testing

    Our accurate and swift substance abuse testing process provides employers with immediate drug related results.

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"So grateful this place was open later than 8pm to help me handle my allergic reaction. Will definitely recommend to others and use this place again if necessary."
Rebecca S., New York