Occupational Health

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Your local Medrite center is a one-stop destination for all work-related health services, including mandatory testing, medications, and therapy.

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Medrite serves employees and employers with occupational medicine that covers anything from work physicals to work related injuries.

We work to keep you fighting fit.

Occupational Health

COVID-19 Employer Services: In-center and onsite testing and vaccinations, with HIPAA-compliant reporting via dedicated employer portal.

Workers Compensation: Immediate and professional medical in the event of employee injury by workman’s compensation board-certified physicians.

Early Intervention Program: Comprehensive plan of care for injured employees, plus rapid, cost-effective programs to transition employees into the workplace.

Wellness Programs:A broad array of wellness-based programs, from blood pressure screenings to cholesterol testing.

Immunizations & Vaccinations: Basic immunization and travel-medicine related vaccinations to prevent employees from falling ill abroad.

Pre-Employment Physicals: Our skilled physicians personally perform each exam to verify applicants are capable of performing their tasks in the best health.

DOT Exams: DOT-certified providers authorized to provide exams required by federal law for clearances such as a CDL medical card.

OSHA Mandated Physicals: We know all about OSHA regulatory and compliance medical guidelines for employee exams before job placement.

HAZMAT Exams:Medical evaluation program for employees working in close proximity to hazardous materials or environments.

Audiograms: Hearing tests designed to verify whether workplace noise is affecting an employee’s ability to hear.

Substance Abuse Testing: Accurate and swift substance abuse testing process with immediate drug related results.

If you’re suffering from any life-threatening conditions such as a heart attack, stroke, head injury, severe bleeding or trauma CALL 911 immediately.

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We accept most commercial, government, and state insurances.


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Wide range of self pay options offered. Call now or walk in to learn about rates—or, get our unlimited Medplus Membership.

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No Appointment
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No or Low Out
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No Long Wait Lines,
No Matter the Time

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Long, Flexible Hours,
Including Sundays

We offer extended hours to be there right when you need us. See hours on each location's page.

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